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Tuesday Notes: Rookies, Veterans Ready for Full-Team OTAs

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  • The first OTA with both veterans and rookies is today.  (You guys will have to keep yourselves updated until tomorrow, as I will be at the Red Wings game tonight.)
  • Zack Follett won't be able to re-join the Lions until Thursday due to a conflict with college.  John Gill, an undrafted defensive tackle from Northwestern, won't be able to practice until June 20
  • The Lions held a conference call with season ticket holders on Monday.
  • NFL owners meetings start today in Florida.  Aside from deciding where Super Bowl XLVII will be played (probably New Orleans), owners will also discuss the need for a rookie wage scale.
  • The NFL and Comcast are reportedly close to agreeing to a deal that would move NFL Network from the sports tier to regular cable.  If that happens, it probably means that the Red Zone Channel would be on Comcast as well, as the NFL is also close to extending its contracts with FOX and CBS for two years.  If that happens, the Red Zone Channel would likely debut on cable for the first time this season, as it has only been on satellite in the past.
  • Brett Favre is probably going to get surgery on his right shoulder this week, hinting that another comeback is likely.