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Wednesday Notes: No Media Availability for OTAs Until Thursday

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  • The Lions held their first OTA with both rookies and veterans on Tuesday.  Problem is there is no media access until Thursday, so it'll be tough to find out how things are going until then.  In the meantime, the Lions' official site has photos and a write-up of the OTA, though it doesn't really share too much worthwhile info.
  • Titans head coach Jeff Fisher was talking about Jim Schwartz on the radio last week and mentioned that his former defensive coordinator did a great job putting together a coaching staff.  After mentioning Scott Linehan and Gunther Cunningham, Fisher also threw Scotty O'Brien's name out there.  O'Brien is a special teams coach, but for the Patriots, not the Lions.  Stan Kwan ended up getting retained as the Lions' special teams coach, but maybe that wasn't the original plan based on what Fisher said.  It could have just been an honest slip up by Fisher, but I still am wondering why Kwan was retained.  He's done an awful job with special teams and should have been fired long before this year.
  • The NFL and Comcast agreed to a 10-year deal that will put NFL Network on Comcast's Digital Classic tier, which has about 10 million subscribers, by August 1.  The deal will also bring NFL content to Comcast's On Demand section. (Comcast also finally agreed to a deal with ESPNU and
  • Reggie Rogers, a former Lion, pleaded guilty to a pair of DUI charges from last fall.
  • NFL owners probably aren't going to vote on extending the season this week.
  • As expected, New Orleans will host the 2013 Super Bowl.