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Wednesday Notes: Lions to Partner with Michigan Lottery?

  • Not that he is exactly hurting for money, but Matthew Stafford is going to have a tough time piling up endorsements, according to Crain's Detroit Business.  The reasoning for him having a tough time getting endorsements has to do with the economy, especially in Detroit, and the fact that he is on a team that went 0-16.  The stigma of Joey Harrington also will play a role in this apparently.

    Personally, I don't think Stafford is the type of guy that would have a ton of different endorsement deals even if he wasn't on the Lions.  It just doesn't seem like his personality.  The article mentions Brady Quinn and how many deals he had, but Quinn and Stafford are much different people in that respect.  Stafford seems like more of a player that will go about his business in a quiet way.  Quinn, on the other hand, is viewed in a different light by many.
  • With owners unanimously voting to give NFL teams the opportunity to create partnerships with their state lotteries, the Lions are wasting no time in negotiating a deal.  The other three major sports teams in Detroit have deals already, so it's probably only a matter of time until you see a Lions logo on a scratch off ticket in Michigan.
  • Calvin Johnson is only tied for the eighth-best receiver in Madden 10.  His overall rating is 92, which seems a little low, though I am sure it is mostly because he plays for the Lions.
  • As mentioned in a FanShot yesterday, cornerback Roderick Hood decided to sign with the Browns.  It's not too surprising that he didn't end up in Detroit, as that didn't seem very likely once it became obvious that Hood had so many other options available.
  • Linebacker Paris Lenon signed with the Patriots, adding depth to a linebacker corps that needed it.  Many question this move based on Lenon's up and down career in Detroit, but Lenon is going to NE for depth reasons, not to be a starter.  In the role of a backup, I think he will do just fine.

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