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Sammie Lee Hill Scouting Report

DT Sammie Lee Hill (Stillman) - Round 4, Pick No. 115

One of my favorite picks in this year's draft was the Lions' selection of Sammie Lee Hill in the fourth round. Hill is big defensive tackle from a small college in the south. He is one of those players selected based on potential, as Hill has the make-up of a great player. Problem is the coaching he received at Stillman wasn't all that great. The same can be said for the competition he faced, which is why he is such a raw talent. His development will take time, but I have a good feeling about Hill in the future.

Experts' Opinions

Best traits per Scouts Inc.:

Quick first step and can shoot into the backfield. Above-average lateral mobility and changes directions well for a player his size.

Put on close to 50 pounds during time at Stillman and tough to move off the ball with one man but has a tendency to play too high and has some problems anchoring against double teams as a result. Use hands fairly well and can shed blockers in time to make the play.

POSITIVES: Large, athletic defensive lineman swiftly moving up draft boards. Moves well on his feet, quickly changes direction, and strings plays out to the flanks. Jolts blockers with good hand punch, breaks down well, and easily redirects to the action. Fights throughout the play, flashes power, and works to get involved in the action.

NEGATIVES: Gets a little tall and allows blockers to get leverage on him. Does not display great first step quickness. Does not show dominant lower-body strength.

Story about his great character (via Arrowhead Pride):

Sammie Lee Hill: Just one night on our way home, we were seeing a burning house on fire. My teammate told me to turn around, because someone might need help and, sure enough, there was a lady outside saying that her father needs help. All we could do was put our hands over our faces and hope that we didn't get hurt. We looked up, and, well, it was a blessing that we could grab him and protect ourselves so we all were safe.


Cribs-style tour by Hill (his athleticism is shown off at the beginning of the video):

Outlook for 2009

As mentioned in the intro of this post, Hill is very raw due to a combination of things. He has great potential, though. I don't expect big things out of him this year, as he has to have time to develop. Down the road, however, I would not be surprised if Hill was able to contend for a starting job.

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