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Wednesday Notes: Lions Seem Ready to Wait on Stafford

  • Based on what Martin Mayhew has said recently, it doesn't seem like we will be seeing Matthew Stafford start until he is absolutely ready.  Mayhew understands that although it is good to get your rookie QB experience, it is more important to make sure they are ready first.  He documented the epic fail that was the Tim Couch situation with the Browns.  They intended to wait until he was truly ready but threw him in there in week 2.  We all know how that turned out, and Mayhew definitely doesn't want that to happen to Stafford.
  • According to Gunther Cunningham, DeAndre Levy was the No. 1 middle linebacker as of yesterday.  Of course, this was before Larry Foote was offered a contract, so it's safe to say Levy's stay at the top of the depth chart will be a short one.
  • Cunningham had quite a few good things to say about Jordon Dizon yesterday.  That is unusual considering some of the things that were said about Dizon right after the new coaching staff was hired, as there was no praise whatsoever.  The money quote from Cunningham was this: "I'll look at the tape at times and I'll confuse Julian Peterson with Dizon."  He meant that their playing styles are very similar, but either way, that is quite the compliment considering it seemed like Dizon wasn't even going to be around for long a few months ago.
  • Drew Stanton is maintaining a good attitude about how he fits into the quarterback situation now that Matthew Stafford is a Lion.  He seems up for the challenge.
  • In case you missed the FanShot yesterday, the Lions signed defensive end Eric Hicks and offensive guard Toniu Fonoti to one-year deals.
  • Wide receiver Keary Colbert will work out for the Lions today.  He joined the Lions toward the end of last year and became a free agent after the season.
  • The Lions signed Spenser Smith, an undrafted linebacker from Eastern Michigan that tried out at the rookie camp last weekend.
  • Undrafted rookie defensive end Ryan Kees from St. Cloud State was also signed after trying out at the camp
  • Grady Jackson was excused from yesterday's OTA due to "personal problems."
  • The Browns signed former Lions receiver Mike Furrey.
  • For those of you that watched the Red Wings game last night, can you believe how bad the officiating was?  I cannot believe that goal in the last minute didn't count.  There should have been overtime, but instead the Ducks are up in the series 2-1.  What an absolute joke.

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