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Thursday Notes: The Best Interview You Will Ever Listen To

  • If you haven't already, listen to Jim Schwartz's 77-minute long interview on the WRIF from yesterday morning.  It is 77 minutes of pure awesome, as Schwartz talked rock and roll, the Lions, and many other things.  He definitely is different than Rod Marinelli.  Schwartz seems very down to earth and like someone you would want to hang out with.  Although I got a kick out of Marinelli's metaphors, I'm more of a fan of Schwartz's bad ass attitude already.
  • Larry Foote has thought plenty about playing for the Lions throughout his career.
  • Foote will be No. 55, as some of you figured out yesterday.
  • Apparently the Cardinals and Colts both tried to sign Foote.  The Cards' offer came in late Tuesday night, but Foote was already set on being a Lion.
  • Louis Delmas was abandoned by his parents in his sophomore year of high school and hasn't seen them since.  I can't even imagine how tough that must have be for Delmas.
  • Scott Linehan isn't worried about Matthew Stafford's pass accuracy.
  • The Lions haven't expressed any interest in signing left tackle Levi Jones, who became a free agent yesterday.
  • Shaun McDonald is already loving his new team, the Steelers.
  • Vikings coach Brad Childress and Brett Favre are going to meet with each other to talk about the possibility of Favre's second unretirement in two years.  Already ESPN is dedicating far too much time to this, meaning I am already sick of hearing about Favre.  The whole Favre saga was beat to death a year ago, and already it feels like ESPN is doing its best to over-cover it again.
  • Safety Roy Williams signed with the Bengals.
  • According to Alex Marvez, Super Bowl LI (in 2017) may be when the game ends up in London.

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