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Wednesday Notes: Jim Schwartz to Head to MIS on Sunday

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  • This is a pretty light version of my daily "Notes" posts, but that's probably how they will be the next few weeks.  I'm going to start a series or two of posts later this month/early next month to kill some time until training camp begins at the end of July, but until then I don't expect a ton of news.  Once training camp gets underway, however, there will be a constant stream of updates on a daily basis.  Last year, for example, there was a new post on POD every single day from the start of training camp to the Sunday the Lions had off for their bye week.  During this down time, the best content is probably going to be from you guys as far as discussion goes.  Keep the FanPosts and FanShots coming and we'll get to training camp in no time.
  • Jim Schwartz, fresh off his honorary first pitch at a Tigers game this past Sunday, is going to be at Michigan International Speedway this coming Sunday to wave the green flag to start NASCAR's Lifelock 400.  He also will get to ride in the pace car and attend the drivers' meeting.  
  • The Lions are the worst-rated team in Madden NFL 10, coming in at 65, one point lower than the Rams.
  • Some NFL Network analysts talked about the Lions' hopes for next season.