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Thursday Notes: Former Lions Drinking the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid

  • Some former Lions players made predictions about how many games the team will win next year.

    Greg Landry: 8
    Charlie Sanders: 9
    Lem Barney: 10

    The Kool-Aid is being served everywhere it seems like.
  • Dominic Raiola said this on the radio about how Matthew Stafford and Joey Harrington are much different:
    "And even Matt ... Matt came in and – it's totally different than our past first-round quarterback that we've drafted, y'know, in the past. You can tell that this guy, he looks like a first-rounder. He looks like a No. 1 pick."
    That's definitely good to hear.
  • Antonio Gates, Larry Foote, and Rich Rodriguez are going to be speakers at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp at Wayne State.  The camp, in its second year, is going to play host to 400 youth football players through Saturday.
  • My mute button will be getting a workout this coming season, as Matt Millen is reportedly going to join NFL Network as a color commentator.  Unfortunately he is still going to work with ESPN as well for MNF and college football, meaning I will be watching as little ESPN as possible until the actual games start.
  • Some good news in the television world is that Adam Schefter will return to reporting in August, though it will be for ESPN.  I wish he was still at NFL Network, but ESPN definitely could use a boost in credibility among its NFL reporters.