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Monday Notes: Jim Schwartz Hangs Out with Kid Rock at MIS

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  • Jim Schwartz was at Michigan International Speedway yesterday to serve as the Lifelock 400's honorary starter.  He got to wave the green flag to start the race, take a ride in the pace car, and hang out with Kid Rock, the grand marshal of the race.  Unsurprisingly, the two hit it off, so much so that Kid Rock described Schwartz as "the best coach we've ever had in Detroit" after Schwartz rattled off some lyrics from his favorite Kid Rock song.
  • The Lions are doing their best to increase their number of season-ticket holders by reaching out to people who used to fit that description.  Their latest gesture to get former season-ticket holders back in the Lions' good graces was an invitation to attend the team's final minicamp session on June 24.  The invitation was sent in an e-mail that declared the Lions "WANT YOU BACK."  The session will be opened only to former season-ticket holders, and as of Friday, 300-400 people accepted the invitation (6,000 people were extended the opportunity to go).
  • Brandon Pettigrew and Matthew Stafford appear to be forming a great connection on the field.
  • Matt Millen has officially been hired by NFL Network to be the color commentator for Thursday night games.  Great.  Just great.
  • Pro Football Talk has formed a partnership with NBC.
  • The Falcons finally released Michael Vick last week.