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Tuesday Notes: Matt Millen Talks the Lions

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  • Matt Millen talked to the media as part of the announcement that he is going to call games for NFL Network, and Detroit was a topic of interest.  Millen vowed to talk about the Lions just like he would with any other team, even though he is still owed money by them for the part of his contract he didn't finish.  In fact, Millen went out of his way to praise both the city of Detroit and the team.  He basically approved of Martin Mayhew, the hiring of Jim Schwartz, and the drafting of Matthew Stafford and Brandon Pettigrew.  Also, unsurprisingly, he said nobody is a bigger fan of William Clay Ford than him.  I want to puke right now.
  • We already know about Zack Follett the football player and Zack Follett the wood-carver, but how about Zack Follett the rapper?
  • Is Roy Williams becoming the next Terrell Owens?  Personality-wise, that is.
    Williams barked at Romo on Monday after a ball didn’t come his way when he was open.
    I'm sure Romo appreciates being reminded of just how little fun it was to be T.O.'s quarterback.