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Wednesday Notes: Update on Kevin Carter; Training Camp on the Move?

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  • Kevin Carter's agent recently provided an update on his client, making it clear that a signing likely is not imminent.  Carter wants to enjoy the summer and spend time with his family, making me think that if he were to sign, it wouldn't happen until training camp is over.  After all, Carter has been in the league for 14 years, so it wouldn't be surprising at all if that is the reason behind his decision to wait. 
  • Speaking of training camp, this could be the last year it is held at the Lions' facility in Allen Park.  Apparently Jim Schwartz is interested in moving camp to another location, specifically Grand Valley State out in west Michigan.  A move like this reportedly could happen as early as next year, though the Lions denied that there is any substance to it right now.  If it were to happen, though, it would likely mean that every outdoor practice would be open to the public.  I imagine the outdoor practices would be held at Lubber Stadium, which holds over 8,000 people.  Currently, only select practices at the Lions' training facility are opened up to the public, and even then there is a limit of approximately 700 people.  A move to an actual stadium would allow more fans in, but at the same time it would make the training facility in Allen Park sort of useless for a couple months.
  • During an interview on SIRIUS NFL Radio, Matt Millen was asked about what fans will think of him as analyst.
    "It's like anything else," the former Lions president said Tuesday during an interview on SIRIUS NFL Radio. "I can't control ... how somebody views you, or views me, or what they think or what they don't think. ... I'm going to give you an opinion, and you can judge for yourself if it's the right opinion or it's the wrong opinion. Or you can sit at home and go, 'The guy's an idiot, turn the channel.'"
    I plan on taking Millen's advice and doing just that when he is on ESPN.  For NFL Network games, my mute button will be busy.
  • If the World Cup is awarded to the United States in either 2018 or 2022, Ford Field and Michigan Stadium could be host sites for games.