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Wednesday Notes: Lions' Final Minicamp Is Underway

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  • First and foremost, my condolences go out to Jared DeVries, as his high school coach, Ed Thomas, was killed in a shooting this morning.  Thomas was not only a great coach, but he also was a great person and friend to his players.  After tornadoes tore through Iowa last year, he helped lead the effort to rebuild his city.  DeVries went back home to help rebuild as well.  He was pulled from practice this morning to be informed of the tragic news.
  • Daunte Culpepper broke his silence on the battle that is shaping up between him and Matthew Stafford for the starting QB job, but nothing he said was really all that groundbreaking.  The only really notable comment Culpepper made was when he talked up Stafford.
    "(Stafford's) played a lot of football and he's a hard worker,'' Culpepper said. "He's going to be a great player in this league and I wish him the best in everything he does in his career.''
    Aside from that, the other thing worth noting is that Culpepper's goal for this coming season is to win the NFC North.  I like that his top goal is team-oriented.  Many players would probably be more concerned with playing than anything else, so it's good to see Culpepper's got the right attitude.
  • Due to a combination of warm temperatures and a couple weeks off, practice got off to a rough start yesterday.  Once some of the rust wore off, things got back to normal.
  • Jon Jansen and Ephraim Salaam are currently practicing as backups to the right and left tackle positions, respectively.  Jansen is probably going to practice at guard during training camp, and it is expected that Salaam will move around to right tackle at some point as well.  It is important for these types of players to be versatile, so this isn't too surprising.
  • The Lions could really use Kevin Carter, as Eric Hicks, Jared DeVries, and rookie Ryan Kees are currently the team's only left defensive ends.
  • Grady Jackson and Derrick Williams didn't participate in practice yesterday.  Jackson still is recovering from knee surgery and Williams had a tight hamstring.
  • Don't expect Jim Schwartz to release a depth chart until the first exhibition game of the preseason.
  • The main motivation behind the Lions someday moving training camp appears to be to make the players uncomfortable.  Another reason is to give more fans a chance to attend practices, but Schwartz seems set on throwing a curveball at his team next summer, and moving the players out of their practice facility is a good way to do just that.
  • Schwartz supposedly now has his own Twitter page, as do the Lions.

    UPDATE: The Lions confirmed that that isn't Schwartz's Twitter page.
  • Larry Foote's return to Detroit comes with the goals of making the Lions better and making his hometown better as well.
  • Don't expect many NFL teams to have any interest in Charles Rogers.
  • Tom Kowalski seems to think the story about Roy Williams not participating in a lifting program while he was with the Lions is a bit overblown.
  • Former Lion Fernando Bryant has retired.
  • Another report is stating that Brett Favre already has an agreement to play for the Vikings and that he will be in Minnesota when training camp begins.
  • SB Nation recently added its 200th blog.