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Friday Notes: Final Minicamp Wraps Up

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  • The Lions wrapped up minicamp on Thursday and now are off until training camp begins at the end of July.  That means that for the next month or so, players will have to condition on their own until they return to Allen Park.
  • Alan Trammell dropped by practice on Wednesday to surprise Larry Foote, who is a huge fan of the former Tiger and current Cubs bench coach.  The Cubs got swept by the Tigers in Detroit this week, but Trammell took the time to stop by and have lunch with Foote.
  • All three Lions quarterbacks moved the ball during a two-minute drill, but none of them got the offense into the end zone for a touchdown.  
  • Jim Schwartz is a fan of the hot and humid weather, as he thinks it'll make the team tougher and prepare them for similar conditions during the season.
  • Speaking of making the team tougher, on the last day of the minicamp, Schwartz extended practice and made the team run gassers.
  • Derrick Williams missed practice again earlier this week due to a tight hamstring.  Bryant Johnson also sprained his right ankle, though Schwartz doesn't think it is too serious.
  • Ikaika Alama-Francis played defensive tackle during the minicamp.
  • The signing of Marquand Manuel could prevent Anthony Henry from having to move to safety.
  • Thanks to a new lifting program, the Lions' upper-body strength is up 21%.  That's great to hear.