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Lions Announce Creation of New Season-Ticket Packages

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Official release from the Lions:

The Detroit Lions are offering several, flexible season ticket packages for the 2009 season. Along with the Full Season Plan that includes all 10 Lions home games, fans can now purchase Half-Season Plans, "The Roar Zone" Plan, and the "Pick Your Games" Plan.

Along with the new flexible, season ticket packages, the Lions are offering the "All You Can Eat" Seat. This option is being made available to Detroit sports fans for the first time in this market in regular stadium seating areas.

"One of our most important business objectives is to present our fans with several options to attend Lions games at Ford Field that provide great value," said Lions President Tom Lewand. "We recognize that this is a tough economic environment for all fans, and increased flexibility is necessary to respond to that environment."

For further information on season tickets, fans can visit or call the Lions Ticket Office at Ford Field (313.262.2002).

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Full Season Plan

  • Tickets to all 10 games in regular seating sections, including eight regular season games and two preseason games.
  • Per game pricing discounts compared to other season ticket plans and individual game tickets.
  • Priority to purchase existing seat locations for any playoff game.

Half-Season Plans

"The Roar Zone" Plan

  • Specially priced $30 per game Full Season ticket packages in sections 315-321(approximately 1,200 available seats).
  • Maximum six tickets per fan.

"Pick Your Games" Plan

  • Opportunity to pick three games (excluding Pittsburgh and Green Bay) in lower, middle and upper levels.
  • Fans can save $18.00 or more per package. Tickets are discounted from $78 to $72 (lower and middle level) and from $50 to $42 (upper level, Rows 10 & up).

"All You Can Eat" Seat

  • 5,500 available seats in special "All You Can Eat" sections that will be offered with season tickets, group tickets and individual game tickets.
  • Includes for one price: game ticket and unlimited hot dogs, bratwurst, chips, popcorn, nachos & cheese and soft drinks.
  • Access to special redemption centers at east and west end of Ford Field (nearby "All You Can Eat" sections) for "All You Can Eat" customers only.
  • Season tickets start as low at $73 for "All You Can Eat" tickets.
  • Tickets for individual games (available at a later date) for "All You Can Eat" tickets start as low at $85.

Preseason Individual Game Tickets

  • Tickets for preseason individual game tickets go on sale Thursday, July 16.

Regular Season Individual Game Tickets

  • The release of individual game tickets for the regular season will be announced at a later date and will be based on availability.