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Tuesday Notes: Lions to Add Sponsor to Practice Jersey?

  • The NFL recently approved a rule that allows teams to put a sponsor on their practice jerseys.  As expected, the Lions are interested in getting a sponsor, as it is another way to generate revenue.  I'm sure some of you are worried about seeing the Lions' practice jerseys covered in ads like many soccer teams' uniforms, but don't worry.  If they get a deal, the company's logo can't be larger than 3.5" by 4.5".  Plus, it'll really only be visible in pictures or videos from practices. Even during open practices it would be tough to spot the logo since the stands are a pretty good distance away from the actual practice.
  • Louis Delmas has the right attitude when it comes to proving himself to his coaches and teammates.
  • Here are a pair of videos about Matthew Stafford from Yahoo! Sports: