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Friday Notes: Matt Millen Now Ruining Football for Lions Fans Three Days a Week

  • The Lions' official site has a great write-up of what to expect from the team's new coaches this coming season.  It's a very interesting read.
  • On top of haunting Lions fans on Monday Night Countdown and NFL Network games, Matt Millen will also be ruining Saturday afternoon college football games on ABC.
  • Georgia reported a secondary violation to the NCAA because Matthew Stafford received four free tickets from Jay Cutler to a Falcons-Broncos game last November.  Secondary violations don't usually result in much trouble and normally aren't a big deal, and considering Stafford knew Cutler in high school, this really seems like a joke of a violation.  Regardless, the four players that used the tickets had to donate the worth of the them to charity (only $40 each), which has apparently resolved the issue.