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Thursday Notes: Redskins Select Jeremy Jarmon in Supplemental Draft

  • Kentucky defensive end Jeremy Jarmon was picked by the Redskins in the supplemental draft today.  There was some speculation that the Lions were considering taking him, but based on the fact that Washington ended up selecting him in the third round, it's pretty obvious that the Lions weren't willing to part with that high of a pick.

    The way the supplemental draft works is that teams tell the NFL if they want to select a player, along with what round they want to pick him in.  The highest "bidder" gets the player and has to forfeit a pick in that round in the 2010 draft.  Since the Redskins ended up with Jarmon, they will lose their third-round selection next April.  The Lions may have informed the NFL that they wanted Jarmon, but only a third-round pick would have brought him to Detroit.
  • Ernie Sims returned to Tallahassee last week to host a football and cheerleading camp for kids.  Some Lions players attended the camp to help out Sims, including Kevin Smith, who talked about the event in his latest blog post.
  • As Kevin Seifert points out, the Titans went 4-0 against the AFC North last regular season.  This season the NFC North matches up against the AFC North, which hopefully will give the Lions somewhat of an edge by having Jim Schwartz.
  • Roy Williams has decided to keep his mouth shut for a change and just worry about playing football.
  • The NFL Network is going to show every preseason game in HD, starting with the Lions-Falcons game on August 15.