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Friday Notes: Lions Submitted Fourth-Rounder for Jeremy Jarmon

  • The Lions signed sixth-round pick Aaron Brown, a running back out of TCU.
  • Though the Redskins ended up with defensive end Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft yesterday, it's not like the Lions didn't make an attempt to land the former Kentucky Wildcat.  In fact, Martin Mayhew texted Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato after the draft to tell him the Lions were hoping to get Jarmon in the fourth round.  Washington got him because they submitted a third-round pick, which was higher than the Lions were willing to go.  Although I would have liked to see the defensive line improve, I don't really think Jarmon is worth a high third-round pick, which, barring an amazing turnaround, is what the Lions would have lost in the 2010 draft if they wanted to beat out the Redskins.  Plus, it's not like Jarmon would be coming in ready to play.  He will be behind quite a bit and is definitely a project.
  • Jim Schwartz and Martin Mayhew have been selling free agents on coming to Detroit by calling it the "land of opportunity."
  • MJD at The Shutdown Corner recently interviewed Matthew Stafford.  Here is my favorite part out of the entire interview:
    MJD: Cool. Say your house catches on fire, and all your loved ones are out and you’re safe. You’ve got the opportunity to run in and grab one thing, one possession. What would it be?

    Stafford: Oh, man. Is the Detroit Lions playbook inside or outside?

    MJD: (chuckle) That’ll count. We’ll say it’s inside.

    Stafford: Okay. I’ll go with that. Make them happy over there.
    Good to see he's got his priorities in the right order.
  • Samuel L. Jackson (host of the ESPYs) joked in his opening about how Stafford won't get to attend the ESPYs after he actually plays for the Lions.