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Monday Notes: Training Camp Countdown Nearing Single Digits

  • Training camp is less than two weeks away.  Part of me is a little sad about that fact since summer is going by so quickly and my time of relaxing is coming to a close, but another part of me is pumped that football is almost here and there will actually be stuff to write about every single day.
  • Jon Jansen, who is quite knowledgeable about the business side of the NFL, doesn't think there will be a strike in 2011.  His reasoning for that belief is that when it comes down to it, both players and owners enjoy making money too much to let a strike happen.  If there was a work stoppage, nobody would make money, and in the end no one wants it to come to that.
  • Despite being a raw player that needs time to develop, Tom Kowalski thinks that a lack of depth could force Sammie Hill into substantial playing time early in the season.
  • Darnell Bing is finally feeling comfortable at linebacker.  Bing was a safety at USC but moved to linebacker with the Raiders.  Early in his career with the Raiders he suffered a neck injury that proved to be a big obstacle.  Since then, he has moved around to a few different teams, with the Lions being his latest one.  Only now is he fully adjusted to being a linebacker, which gives him hope that he can make the team this coming season.
  • The FanHouse's Chris Burke wrote an excellent article about why comparing Matthew Stafford to former Georgia quarterback David Greene as a way of warning what Stafford's career could be like should things go wrong (as the AJC's Jeff Schultz did) is just ridiculous.
  • Barry Sanders Jr. isn't necessarily a fan of the Lions (he likes the Redskins), but he supports them.

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