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Friday Notes: T-Minus Seven Days Until Training Camp

  • We're only a week away from training camp!
  • Matthew Stafford seems to be having a fun summer.
  • Drew Stanton put up a couple new posts on his blog about minicamp, his wedding, and his honeymoon.
  • Cliff Avril also put up a new post, with his being about preparation for training camp.
  • John Clayton doesn't seem to think Daunte Culpepper will get beat out by Matthew Stafford, saying the rookie would have to have "an incredible preseason" for that to happen.
  • Unlike Jon Jansen, Tom Kowalski thinks there will be a work stoppage in 2011.
  • Although ESPN has reported that Michael Vick will be reinstated next week, the NFL is currently denying that a decision has been made on him. ESPN's report also says that Vick could be suspended four games if he is reinstated.
  • As mentioned yesterday, the NFL Draft is moving to primetime and expanding to three days. The new setup will have the first round take place on Thursday night, the second and third rounds on Friday night, and the rest of the draft on Saturday. This was a long time coming, as the draft has turned into such a big event, so the move to primetime didn't surprise me too much. What did catch me off guard is that the first round will held on a Thursday night. Yes, that is the most-watched night in television, but it seems like it will prevent quite a few fans from watching all 32 picks and spending even more time talking about those picks on sites like Pride of Detroit.

    Despite what Roger Goodell says, this move was strictly business. Moving round one to Thursday and spreading the draft out over three days means more ratings and more money for the NFL. After all, money is what causes these types of decisions, so I guess the move to Thursday should have been expected. I'm not completely against it, but it is going to make covering the first round much tougher for myself and probably many others out there. Obviously if there weren't potential conflicts with my finals I wouldn't care all that much, but things will be interesting that week in April.

    I really don't have an issue with the draft moving to primetime and I don't mind having it spread out a bit; I just wish it was spread out over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To me, that seems like a better schedule for fans. Contrary to what Goodell thinks, this move has made the draft much, much less accessible to the fans.

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