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Tuesday Notes: Lions Sign DeAndre Levy

  • The Lions haven't confirmed it yet, but DeAndre Levy has been signed to a three-year deal, according to his agent.  Pro Football Talk is reporting that Lydon Murtha has also been signed, but that hasn't been confirmed by anybody yet.
  • You will need ESPN Insider to read this whole story (or wait until the August 10 edition of ESPN The Magazine), but this excerpt from an in-depth look at the Lions really sums up what Jim Schwartz is all about:
    Schwartz completes his staff, then makes all the members sit through a tape of every snap of the perfectly imperfect season. Then he makes them do it again. One coach says it's like being locked in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean for three days. Schwartz is sufficiently shell-shocked as well; his Lions look like an expansion team. So he chucks the depth chart, putting every spot up for grabs. "We have a lot of needs," he says, "but probably our biggest one is talent."
    Schwartz is all about detail, and that is evident in everything he does.
  • The Lions' kickoff luncheon is going to be on September 2 this year.
  • The old Bubbles logo at Ford Field will be gone as of this Saturday.
  • Matthew Stafford was interviewed by FOX Sports.
  • Michael Vick was conditionally reinstated by the NFL yesterday, but this really isn't too relevant to us, as the Lions still have no interest in him.

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