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Tuesday Notes: Lions Legend Lou Creekmur Passes Away

  • Lions Hall of Famer Lou Creekmur passed away at the age of 82 on Sunday.  Creekmur played left tackle for the Lions in the 50s and was a member of all three of the Lions' NFL championship teams in that decade.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996, honoring a remarkable career that included eight consecutive trips to the Pro Bowl and six appearances on the All-NFL team.
  • Terry Foster interviewed Jim Schwartz recently and touched on many subjects.  The most interesting topic of discussion by far was how Schwartz really gets the fans and how he wants to win for them.  We all know how he has been to a Tigers game, a race at MIS, and two Red Wings playoff games, but I did not know about this until reading the interview:
    I was watching Game 7 of the Red Wings playoff game against Anaheim in my hotel room. It was an exciting game so I said I don't need to be watching this in my hotel room. I snuck out or I thought I was sneaking out to a sports bar to watch it with fans. They figured out pretty quickly who I was and it was exciting to watch it with them. I think the Red Wings scored with like three minutes left and the place went absolutely nuts.

    One of the guys leaned over and said coach when the Lions win it; it's even going to be better. That's going to be hard to believe because of the excitement they generated when they won that series. It was impressive to watch.
    He is truly a man of the people.
  • The great SB Nation tech team has released its latest creation: mobile commenting.  If you thought you were addicted to the site before, just imagine how it will be now that you can comment from your cell phone.