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Wednesday Notes: Mariucci Recalls Memories of Sandoval

  • Around 500 people attended Ricky Sandoval's funeral mass yesterday in Troy.  Former Lions coach Steve Mariucci delivered the eulogy and shared a story about the last time he spoke to Sandoval.
    Mariucci's voice wavered as he relayed his last conversation with Sandoval. It was on the phone, and Sandoval was in the hospital, near death.

    When Mariucci asked how he was, Sandoval replied: "Coach, I'm doing great. How are you? How's your family?"

    Mariucci said: "Here's a man on his death bed saying, 'I'm doing great.' That was Ricky, the eternal optimist, always looking on the bright side of things."
    Matt Millen couldn't make it to the funeral but attended a service on Monday night.  He is actually the person responsible for bringing Sandoval to Detroit.  In all seriousness, that was probably the best move he made in his entire tenure with the Lions.
  • Cliff Avril said in his latest blog entry that his second training camp will be different in the sense that he has a general idea of what to expect.
  • Can Brett Favre make it any more obvious that he will be a Viking sometime in the near future?