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Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football Update


I went ahead and put all of the users who said they were interested in playing fantasy football into a spreadsheet and sorted them based on their amount of comments and FanPosts.  That seemed like the easiest way to put the leagues together, so that is how I determined who is in which league.  The numbers actually worked out perfectly as far as how many leagues there will be.  Based on the amount of people who said they were interested, the plan is to have four different leagues with 11 users and myself being in each.

After the jump you can find the full list of who is in which league.  I will send out invites in the coming days, as I still have to setup the leagues and get them running.  (The invite will be sent to the e-mail listed in your profile on POD, so if you use a different one, let me know.)

Main League

  1. KDawg
  2. DrewsLions
  3. Hyperion Ecta
  4. Nate D.
  5. detpistons3
  6. JCruize
  7. Jettero2112
  8. CLF
  9. ATL Lion
  10. lions_sucker
  11. ahtrap

Overflow League #1

  1. BIGWalt2990
  2. Curse of Bobby Layne 50 Years Strong
  3. Twon82
  4. qbdoyle1
  5. lions4life
  6. londonlion
  7. cridg1zt
  8. CapitolLions
  9. BtotheLT
  10. Lead Hunter
  11. thePROD1GY

Overflow League #2

  1. ZWC11
  2. ReichardZ
  3. beef99
  4. IowaLion
  5. Packey
  6. mgersz
  7. Pistons21
  8. Wad
  9. CPLkilla13
  10. Scotty G
  11. kevough

Overflow League #3

  1. wingnut91
  2. homerhft
  3. Gym Schwartz
  4. cmuchips99
  5. DetRockCity
  6. flypay
  7. otomelara
  8. seven.twentytwo
  9. LionFaninCA
  10. CWOJ
  11. Bratagin