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Thursday Notes: Lions Sign Two, Release Two

  • Individual game tickets for the Lions go on sale at 10 a.m. on August 27.  For more information, check out the Lions' official website.
  • The Lions have signed offensive guard Milford Brown and safety Calvin Lowry.  To make room on the roster for the two new players, the Lions released defensive tackle John Gill, who was the first undrafted free agent to sign with Detroit earlier this year, and tight end Jake Nordin.

    Brown started four games for the Jaguars last season and is generally considered to be a guard.  He has been in the league since 2002, when he was selected by the Texans in the supplemental draft.

    Lowry was a fourth-round pick in 2006 by the Titans, where he played for Jim Schwartz for a couple seasons.  He started three games for the Broncos last season.  His signing could be a hint that Daniel Bullocks isn't going to return anytime soon.  We learned yesterday that Bullocks was out indefinitely, but Schwartz didn't really provide a timetable for his return.
  • No players were actually ruled out yet, but Tom Kowalski speculates that the list of injuries for Saturday's game against the Falcons will be pretty big.
  • Usually rookies experience hazing at the hands of veteran players, but that was not the case with the Lions, as Jim Schwartz made sure that didn't happen from the start.  He thinks players should be professional and worry more about teaching rookies than messing with them.  I like that attitude, as these players are here to do a job, and while hazing can be fun, winning is even better.
  • Bryant Johnson was able to return to practice sooner than expected thanks to an experimental treatment.
  • If you're in the main or overflow #1 fantasy football leagues, check your inboxes, as invites have been sent.  I will try to get the other two leagues up and running later today, so if you're in one of those leagues, keep on the lookout for it.  (Note: The current draft date/time is not set in stone by any means.  It is just what the site had when I created the league, as both the date and time will be discussed on here at another time before it is finalized.)
  • Madden 10 officially comes out at 12:01 a.m. tonight.  I probably won't pick it up until tomorrow afternoon, but once I do, expect me to be missing from the site for a few hours.  Based on everything I've heard, the game is amazing, so here's to hoping it lives up to its expectations.

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