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Friday Notes: Daunte Culpepper Named Starter for Preseason Opener

  • Daunte Culpepper has been named the Lions' starting quarterback for their preseason opener against the Falcons tomorrow afternoon.  Matthew Stafford and Drew Stanton will still get an equal amount of playing time, but Culpepper will get to play first, with Stafford expected to come in during the second quarter and Stanton some time in the second half.  Knowing that, this move really isn't too big of a deal.  It's only the first preseason game, and for me, it was expected that Culpepper would be the starter initially.
  • Casey FitzSimmons, Keith Smith, and Daniel Bullocks were ruled out of the Falcons game by Jim Schwartz.  That doesn't mean they are the only ones who won't play, however, as the injury list will probably reach double digits.  Those three players are just the ones that are out for sure.  Other injured players will participate in the pregame warm-ups before a decision on their status is made.  I would be surprised if a player who is injured gets a significant amount of playing time.  There is simply no point in risking further injury at the very start of the preseason.
  • The Lions' depth chart has been posted on the team's official website.  It accounted for some injured players, as their names are italicized and dropped to the end of their position.
  • Decals honoring Corey Smith and Ricky Sandoval will be on the Lions' helmets this season.
  • NFL teams are allowed to have a sponsor on their practice jerseys, and the Lions are going to put the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit's logo on theirs.
  • Drew Stanton did a good job of running the scout team in preparation for the Falcons.
  • Members of Michigan's Air National Guard attended practice yesterday and got to be a part of the Lions' circle after practice.
  • Louis Delmas had a rough childhood.
  • Brian Billick is a fan of Jim Schwartz.
  • Grady Jackson is the slowest player in Madden 10, coming in with a speed rating of 34.  That's pretty bad, but at least he isn't 34 overall like cornerback B.J. Sams.
  • In case you hadn't already heard, the Eagles signed Mike Vick.

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