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POD Fantasy Football Update: Draft Talk Edition


Two of Pride of Detroit's four fantasy football leagues are filled.  The second and third overflow leagues are not.  As of this post, we have five spots open.  The invites have already been sent, so if you haven't already responded, please join the leagues as soon as possible.  If they are still unfilled in another day or so, I will put up a "last call" thread before I start to reach out to alternates, as I want to get the draft dates/times setup, which brings me to the main point of this post.

Currently, I don't have a set date or time for any of the leagues' drafts (the ones on FleaFlicker are not final by any means).  The reason for that is because I want to give people in the leagues a chance to let me know in advance if there is a certain day or time when they will be busy and unable to attend the draft.  I am thinking around the week of August 31 is when these drafts will be held, as that will be late enough in the preseason where an injury hopefully won't happen to a star player.  (Plus, I'd like to get this in before college football starts, as I will be busy with that and moving back to Ann Arbor.)

Considering what I just said, leave a comment if there is a specific day or time of day toward the end of the month/first week of September when you will be unavailable to participate in the draft.  Also let me know what time of day works best for you, as that will give me a better idea of what time to make the drafts. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure to put your league (Main, Overflow 1, Overflow 2, or Overflow 3) in the subject of your comment, as that will allow me to sort through things much faster. 

I can't make any guarantees that I won't schedule your draft for a time when you are unavailable, as I have four of them that have to take place, but I will do my best to make sure as many people as possible will be able to participate.

Side note: No drafts will be held on September 3, 4, or 5.  The Lions' final preseason game is on 9/3; on 9/4 I will be busy with college-related things; and 9/5 is the start of college football.

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