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Brett Favre Unretires Again, Signs with Vikings

When Brett Favre decided he wasn't coming back last month, I jokingly said this:

I'm still expecting him to start to rethink his decision a few weeks from now, but I think the Vikings will have moved on by then. (Unless their QB situation sucks, which could cause the saga to continue.)

Apparently Minnesota's quarterback situation isn't too great in their mind, as this saga is not only continuing, but it is only getting started.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported earlier today that Favre will sign with the Vikings for $10-12 million, and the team's official site has now confirmed the signing. This comes a day after's Jay Glazer put together a story where he predicted Favre would sign with Minnesota based on the feeling he got from being at the Vikings' camp. Multiple players flat out told him Favre was coming back, and that is exactly what has happened.

The first time Favre unretired, I wasn't too surprised. The whole drama with the Packers was annoying after the first day of coverage, but it wasn't shocking to see a player rethink his decision to retire. Earlier this year when Favre retired from the Jets, however, people hoped it was a final decision. In reality, though, we all knew he wanted to play for the Vikings, and once the Jets made him a free man, it was only a matter of time until the drama picked up again.

Eventually the Favre to Minnesota story picked up steam and became a full-blown saga, with the ending appearing to be a former Packer leading the Vikings at QB. Then, suddenly, Favre decided not to return. That move was shocking, as everything suggested he would join the Vikings. Well, knowing how indecisive Favre is, it should have been obvious that Favre was going to change his mind once again and end up playing for the Vikings, which is what transpired in the last 24 hours or so.

On the field, the Vikings are undoubtedly a better team with Favre. Who knows how he will hold up over an entire season, but there is no doubt he is better than Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels. Even so, I'm willing to bet that the Vikings' chemistry will be shaken up a bit over this whole situation. A locker room divide is possible if the Vikings don't get off to a good start, as I would imagine those who supported Jackson and Rosenfels aren't very happy right now. Of course, winning cures everything, but losing could really make things interesting in Minnesota. All I can say is that I hope the Lions have a helping hand in giving the Vikings a loss early on, as Brett Favre will return to Ford Field in the second week of the season.

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