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Tuesday Notes: Hanson Has Surgery; Lions Make a Few Roster Moves

  • Linebacker Cody Spencer has been placed on the injured reserve after tearing his ACL during a kickoff in the Falcons game.
  • Kicker Swayze Waters has been re-signed, filling Spencer's spot on the roster.  The reason the Lions need a kicker is because Jason Hanson had "minor" knee surgery this morning.  Jim Schwartz made it sound like the surgery was nothing major, but anytime a kicker has something done to his knee, concern is only natural, especially when that kicker is Hanson.  Hopefully he will be able to return sooner rather than later, as it would hurt to lose Hanson for an extended period of time.
  • Yesterday, the Lions released wide receiver Bobby Sippio and put offensive tackle Kirk Barton on the waived/injured list.  To fill those two spots on the roster, the Lions signed wide receiver Dane Looker and offensive guard Terrence Metcalf.  Looker played for the Rams for the last seven years, so he has a connection to Scott Linehan.  Metcalf was on the Bears for the past seven seasons.
  • Jim Schwartz is shutting Brandon Pettigrew down, as his quad injury isn't healing very quickly.
  • A group of local high school football players attended the Lions' practice this morning.
  • Peter King thinks Matthew Stafford has an "A-minus NFL arm."
  • The Lions benefited from a bad call in the Falcons game.
  • John Niyo has a list of the Lions' injuries going into this past Saturday's Falcons game.
  • The full Outside The Lines piece on Charles Rogers is now on the Internet.
  • Tom Kowalski thinks the Lions will go 3-13 this coming season.

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