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Monday Notes: Lions Place Kenneth Harris on Waived/Injured List, Sign Tristan Davis

  • The Lions signed running back/returner Tristan Davis (undrafted rookie from Auburn) today and put wide receiver Kenneth Harris (undrafted rookie from Georgia) on the waived/injured list.  Rather than add another receiver to the team to fill Harris' roster spot, the Lions likely opted for a running back because of injuries to Maurice Morris, Allen Ervin, and Aveion Cason.  Ervin and Cason missed practice today, according to's Rapid Reports.
  • Although the Lions lost Harris, who had missed the last week or so of practice, they got Calvin Johnson, Bryant Johnson, and Dennis Northcutt back today.  All three are expected to play on Saturday, which is great news for the quarterback who ends up starting against Indianapolis.
  • Jason Hanson said his recovery from knee surgery is on schedule, though he admitted he really doesn't know what that schedule is.  Martin Mayhew said the plan is for Hanson to be ready for the start of the regular season, but he didn't exactly make any promises that that would happen.
  • Mayhew wasn't surprised that Matthew Stafford struggled on Saturday because he is a rookie playing in his second NFL game.
  • When asked about whether the Lions could cut Daniel Bullocks in the future (after coming to a settlement), Mayhew didn't rule out the possibility of that happening, though he said they don't plan on releasing him right now.

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  • When asked if the Lions have any interest in superhuman sprinter Usain Bolt, Jim Schwartz said no and explained that "nobody ever won the 100 meters with somebody standing in their lane."  While that is very true, I'd love to see what Bolt can do on a football field.  One thing that is certain is that he would be a better kick returner than Aveion Cason.
  • Shaun Smith supposedly yelled at Browns GM George Kokinis after Saturday's game. 
    "According to WKNR radio, former Browns defensive lineman Shaun Smith, now with the Lions, gave Browns General Manager George Kokinis an expletive-filled tongue lashing in the stadium hallway Saturday night. The station reported that Kokinis said nothing and walked away.
    I understand that Smith is upset over how his stay in Cleveland ended, but it's really not necessary to seek out your former team's general manager and swear at him.  That just is really unprofessional and sort of embarrassing for the Lions.  Speaking of embarrassing...
  • As many of you know, Dewayne White and Carson Butler got into a fight during warm-ups on Saturday night.  After Butler scored on a pass from Drew Stanton, one of the TV announcers said that White congratulated him.  That couldn't be farther from the truth, however.  White explained after the game that he didn't congratulate Butler and that this feud is far from over.

    "No," White said. "I don't kiss and make up. What's wrong with you? We'll probably have to go at it one more time -- when we're not playing a game in a few minutes. Next week sometime."

    White sort of laughed as he said that. Then he grew more serious when asked if the two were not done yet.

    "We might go at it," White said. "I'm not saying that we are. But it's going to be bad blood between us, yeah."

    Butler has a history of fighting, as he and a teammate beat up a fellow Michigan student on St. Patrick's Day a couple years ago.  It was bad enough that the victim had to suffer the effects of getting beat up, but it turned out he wasn't even the person they were after.  That's right, they beat up the wrong person.  Both Butler and the teammate eventually got kicked off the team, but Butler was allowed back the next summer.  Last year against Notre Dame, Butler punched an opposing player and got ejected, landing him in Rich Rodriguez's doghouse.  If I were Butler, I would be on my best behavior considering he is fighting (no pun intended) for a roster spot.
  • While White played especially well in the second half of the Browns game, don't get too excited.  Why?  Well, he was lining up against George Foster.
  • I shared my thoughts on what the NFL's Twitter policy should be for's The League.

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