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POD Fantasy Football Update: Rules Talk Edition

The draft dates/times are set, and the official start of Pride of Detroit's fantasy football leagues is right around the corner.  Considering that, I figured it's time to put up a post where you can discuss the rules of our leagues (to view them, click on "Scoring Rules" under the "League" tab).  Basically, I want to get your input on the current rules we have and any changes you want to see happen.  I can't guarantee that I will make a change just because you want one, as there will have to be a few people thinking along the same lines as you.  Even so, I want to see if you think any changes should be made, and this is the place to let me know.

(This isn't limited to scoring rules, by the way.  If you have any thoughts on any other rules (which can be found by clicking on "League Rules" under the "League" tab), please let me know.  I would like to get them finalized in the next couple of days, as the first drafts are on Sunday.)

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