Culpepper to start...

Saturday. Culpepper will play a quarter and a half and Stafford will do the same with Stanton playing the 4th quarter. Culpepper and Stafford will both play with the 1st offense with all recieviers rotating in and out. Also, Phillip Buchanon, Anthony Henry, and Dennis Northcutt will sit out. The rest of this story can be found at

Essentially, this is the final battle for the starting QB spot, no excuses, both contenders will have a level playing field and will have major weapons with Johnson & Johnson and Pettigrew playing for the first time all preseason. Let's hope they will also have K. Smith so we can see how he does in significant action in the new power running scheme. The only concern is Sims could sit out on defense and with our two starting CB's out, they miss a good opportunity to get better playing against Peyton Manning.

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