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Monday Notes: Brandon Pettigrew Injures Quadriceps

  • Brandon Pettigrew suffered a quadriceps injury and left the afternoon session of practice yesterday.  The injury doesn't sound too serious, though, so hopefully he will be back soon.
  • Casey FitzSimmons also suffered an injury, one that appeared to be bad at the time.  He apparently was on the ground grabbing his knee, but he returned to practice and later said, "Just one of those bumps and bruises you get in training camp."
  • Ephraim Salaam didn't practice in the afternoon.  He was given the session off, though, which is likely because he isn't one of the younger guys out there.  Adam Jennings missed the morning session (he was excused) but returned in the afternoon.
  • None of the Lions' three quarterbacks were able to lead the offense to a touchdown in the two-minute drill.  If Keary Colbert wouldn't have dropped a pass, Stafford's unit would have scored, so it wasn't completely bad.  (Colbert did push-ups as a punishment for dropping the pass.)
  • According to Tom Kowalski, a couple "minor skirmishes" happened on Sunday.  One was between John Standeford and Eric King and the other involved Damion Cook and Landon Cohen.
  • Aaron Brown, Aveion Cason, and Derrick Williams are currently the Lions' kick returners
  • The defensive line seems to be having its way with the offensive line.  Look at that however you want, but either the D-line has suddenly gotten a lot better or the O-line is really struggling.
  • Calvin Johnson likes what he sees in Matthew Stafford.  I'm sure Stafford feels the same way about Calvin.
  • The team's first day of practice in full pads is tomorrow.

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  • Martin Mayhew is a huge fan of Kevin Smith.
  • Tom Kowalski relayed a funny encounter Louis Delmas had with a Central Michigan fan after practice.  As usual, players went over to the crowd to sign autographs, and one person presented a CMU hat for Delmas to sign.  Delmas, as you probably know, is from Western Michigan, and this was his reaction to seeing the hat:
    "Oh, hell no,'' Delmas said of signing the hat. "The guy was actually laughing about it. I think he was testing me.''
    Delmas signed something else the guy had, so it seems like it was a joke.  I'm sure if gave Drew Stanton a Michigan hat to sign, his reaction would be similar or even worse.
  • Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey attended practice on Sunday.
  • Referees Ron Winter, Mike Spanier, and Scott Helverson are going to be at practice from August 6-8 to get themselves ready for the preseason as well as help the Lions see any penalties they may be committing.
  • The FanHouse has video of Matthew Stafford answering questions at the ESPYs.
  • Travis Fisher has signed with the Seahawks.

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