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Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football


Last year, I ran two fantasy football leagues for Pride of Detroit users.  One of them was the "main" league, which I dedicated a weekly post to.  The other was an "overflow" league, including users that didn't make the cut for the main league.  This year, I'm planning on doing something similar, though I am expecting to have more than one overflow league.  Even a year ago there were a ton of people wanting to get involved in POD's fantasy league, and with the influx of new users since then, I expect to have to run quite a few leagues.

The site we are using is again going to be  It provides enormous customization, which will make my life easier considering I will be running multiple leagues again.

As far as how I will determine who gets to be in the main league and who is relegated to the overflow leagues, it will depend on who wants to be involved.  The biggest factor will be activity on the site, as users who are on POD every day, posting comments, and just being involved in general will have a better shot of being in the main league.  Just because you're active doesn't guarantee you a spot, though, as there are only 11 spots in the league if you don't count mine.  There are obviously more than 11 active users, so in the end I will just have to pick who gets to be in the main league. (If a ton of regular users want in, I may make two leagues the "main" ones.)

The number of overflow leagues will depend on how many people want to play fantasy football with users from POD.  Like I said earlier, there are 12 spots for each league, so it will ultimately depend on how many people express interest.  To express interest, simply leave a comment on this post saying you want to play FF with POD.  After a few days, I will put together the leagues and send out invites, and once that is all taken care of, we can start to discuss rules, scoring, and draft dates/times.  Until then, leave a comment if you are interested in playing.  (Side note: If you don't plan on actively participating in the fantasy football league, don't bother expressing interest.)

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