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Check Out the New


SB Nation continues to grow (we just hit the 20 million comments mark) and get better on a daily basis, and the newest improvement is the relaunch of  For years was nothing more than a directory of all the network's blogs.  While that was a handy place to have if you wanted to quickly find a blog in the network, the tech team knew it could go far beyond the old SBN homepage.  After seeing the new, I think you will agree that the tech team has blown the old site out of the water.

The new will serve as a hub for all sports and includes scores, StoryStreams, and much more.

The site features two primary areas of content. First, we're introducing an innovative new editorial device called a StoryStream. StoryStreams are designed to harness the vast flow of information on the web and empower fans with the most relevant links and narrative for all the national sports stories that matter. You'll notice on most every story a number of updates. "+6 Updates" for instance means that story has been updated 6 times since we posted it. In effect, a StoryStream is its own blog about a given national sports story. Every StoryStream has its own editor on our staff who is accountable for their stream (think DJ for the story), although there may be several contributors from around the web.

Second is the "From Our Editors" section where our staff will be giving their quick takes on the sports news day. Consider it our microblog. We've hired some of the best voices in the national sports blogosphere like Chris Mottram, Eamonn Brennan, Jon Bois and Spencer Hall, in addition to leveraging many of our SB Nation team bloggers like Peter Bean, Brent Brookhouse and Dave Halprin.

I want to give a big pat on the back to everyone involved with the creation of the new, as it looks absolutely amazing.