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Thursday Notes: Jason Hanson Expected to Play on Sunday

  • Jason Hanson is probably going to play on Sunday, though there is still a chance the Lions could sign another kicker for kickoffs.  Based on how Hanson did in yesterday's practice, I don't think that will happen unless his leg is too sore to do all the kickoffs.
  • Drew Stanton's knee is feeling better.
  • The now teamless Shaun Smith has been suspended for four games for allegedly taking a water pill, which is a violation of the NFL's anabolic steroid policy.  Tom Kowalski doesn't think his suspension was the main reason why the Lions released him (assuming they knew of the suspension), though it obviously could have been one of the reasons why he was cut.
  • The Lions are suing Charles Rogers, as he hasn't paid the team the millions of dollars he owes them.  The Lions are owed $6.1 million by Rogers, who has 20 days to respond to the lawsuit.
  • Tristan Davis is simulating Reggie Bush in practice.
  • Four games on the schedule stand out for Julian Peterson.
    "I've got four of them. Seattle because they traded me. San Francisco because they didn't give me a contract to my liking. Washington because I'm from there and they didn't even try to draft me. Green Bay on Thanksgiving, just because I don't like the Packers."
    I like his reasoning for the Packers game the most.

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  • Kevin Smith put up a new post on his blog about how he considers himself 0-0 in his career rather than 0-16.  He also talked about how the team is supportive of all three quarterbacks, especially Matthew Stafford now that we know he is starting.
  • Stafford basically laughed off some comments Saints players made about how they're looking forward to playing against a rookie quarterback.
  • Saints running back Pierre Thomas is questionable for Sunday.  That's good news for the Lions and bad news for one of my fantasy teams.
  • Saints defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith aren't going to be suspended this week.  Both were involved in the StarCaps case, which is why there is no suspension this week.  I imagine the same goes for Grady Jackson.  His case is still under review, but the league isn't going to suspend him this late into the week of a game.
  • isn't the only site to relaunch this week., the team's official site, also got a much-needed makeover.  The new site is much more modernized and is a huge upgrade over what the Lions had before. 

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