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Lions Granted Extension, Have 1,700 Tickets Left for Home Opener

The Lions have received a 24-hour extension to sell the 1,700 tickets still available for Sunday's game against the Vikings.  2,300 tickets have been sold since yesterday's announcement that 4,000 tickets were remaining, meaning that there is a solid chance that no blackout will happen.  I don't expect the Lions to sell all of the remaining tickets to fans, but since they are so close I'd expect (or at least hope) a company to come in and make this game a sellout.  The company would receive positive publicity for buying the tickets, and you can bet Lions fans in the blackout zone would greatly appreciate the gesture.  I know I would, as not being able to watch the home opener would just be disappointing.

The team has until 1 p.m. tomorrow to sell the 1,700 tickets, but if a company is going to step in we will probably hear something tonight.