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Wednesday Notes: Stafford Expected to Start Tomorrow, No Official Word on Culpepper

  • Drew Stanton's specific injury is torn knee cartilage, and he could have surgery done on it today.
  • As for Daunte Culpepper, he cut his toe when he stubbed it on carpet at his house.  I'm guessing he caught it on the edge of the carpet or something, because to end up with eight stitches, he really must have stubbed it.
  • Culpepper hasn't officially been ruled out of tomorrow's game yet, but the chances of him playing seem slim.  Matthew Stafford is expected to start, but it is unknown just how long he will play.
  • Ernie Sims, Phillip Buchanon, and Anthony Henry are probably going to be out of tomorrow's game against the BillsJason Hunter, who has a rib injury, could miss the preseason finale as well.
  • Jason Hanson is starting to slowly work his way back, kicking in the indoor facility by himself on Tuesday.
  • To make room on the roster for Kevin O'Connell, the Lions waived wide receiver Glenn Holt, who was just claimed last week.
  • According to John Niyo, the Broncos, Browns, and Jets all put in waiver claims for O'Connell.  There was no mention of the Chiefs, but it still is evident that there is some demand for the newest Lion.  Whether or not that actually results in a trade is left to be seen, but as Niyo pointed out, the Lions have way too many needs to keep four quarterbacks on the roster going into the regular season (it is assumed that Brooks Bollinger won't be around for long).  Considering that, I think either Stanton is going to be placed on the injured reserve or O'Connell will be traded.
  • The Bears have signed cornerback Rod Hood.