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Redskins Game Blacked Out Locally

With 10,000 tickets available yesterday, it was obvious that the Redskins game would be blacked out, but it wasn't made official until today.  Unlike last week, the NFL did not grant the Lions a 24-hour extension to sell the game out, as that only happens when a sellout is likely.  Considering how many tickets were still available yesterday, the NFL had no reason to expect a sellout to happen even with 24 extra hours.

The blackout means that the game will not be available in a 75-mile radius around the stadium.  The NFL will post the game after midnight on its website for those of us in the blackout zone, but all that will do is allow us to see what happened.  It'll be tough to ignore the result until then, but if that is your plan, I will warn you to not visit Pride of Detroit on Sunday.

I say that because POD will continue to post play-by-play updates.  I plan on tracking the game via the radio, an online game tracker, and hopefully a stream on something like  Having a stream is the best case scenario, but it's not always a guarantee that there will be one out there, especially one that is of good quality.

(By the way, apparently being shown in place of the Lions-Redskins game will be the Vikings-49ers game.  That's an even bigger slap in the face.)

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