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Tuesday Notes: Kevin Smith Hoping to Play on Sunday

  • Specific details about Kevin Smith's injury weren't released (Jim Schwartz didn't want to elaborate beyond the fact that it's a shoulder injury), but Smith did shed some light on how he is feeling right now.
    "I’m alive," Smith said today. "I’m not ready to play if we had to play a game tomorrow, and that’s just probably because of the general soreness. But I’m 22 years old. I usually heal pretty fast. I don’t have any bone damage or anything like that."

    Asked if it was just a bruise, Smith said: "I don’t know yet. I’m about to go walk in there and find out. I haven’t gotten my results yet. But they say I’m not out of it, so that’s a good sign."
    I'd be willing to bet that Smith will be questionable on Sunday and ultimately play if he isn't in too much pain.  If the injury is only a bruise or something like that, then he just needs time to heal.  Considering how great of a game he had on Sunday and how important the Lions' running game is in their overall gameplan, I really hope Smith is able to play.
  • DeAndre Levy played a hell of a game in his first career NFL start, and Jim Schwartz had nothing but good things to say about him yesterday.  John Niyo asked what will happen when Ernie Sims comes back from his injury, but Schwartz unsurprisingly didn't answer the question.  It is one worth asking, though, as it will be interesting to see if Levy stays in the starting lineup a little bit longer than expected or if Sims is back out there with the first-string when he is healthy enough to play.
  • Stephen Peterman is not afraid to admit that he cries "all the time."
  • Despite being active on Sunday, Phillip Buchanon was benched in favor of Will James.
  • If you are going to win DIRECTV's contest for being the "Ultimate Displaced Fan," you will have to top a Cowboys fan who won the whole thing last year by turning his garage into his own Texas Stadium.
  • Due to bad weather yesterday, the extremely important Twins-Tigers series is now going to feature four games in three days (with two of them being played today).  Basically the entire season rests on the outcome of this series, as the Tigers can either pull away and win the division or fade and find themselves in a deep hole heading into the weekend.  For full coverage of the Tigers, check out Bless You Boys.

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