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Lions Claim Marcus McCauley, Trade Kevin O'Connell to Jets

Although the Lions established their 53-man roster yesterday, it was pretty obvious that it would undergo some changes before truly being finalized.  With the Lions having the top waiver priority and so much talent being cut free, you knew they were going to make the most out of the position they are in.

Doing just that today, the Lions claimed cornerback Marcus McCauley, a third-round pick in the 2007 draft who was waived by the Vikings on Saturday.  McCauley started 10 games over the last two seasons and may benefit from playing in a different defensive scheme.  No word yet on who was released to make room on the roster for McCauley, but it very well could be quarterback Kevin O'Connell, who was traded to the Jets this afternoon.  It is unknown if the Lions will get a pick or a player in return for O'Connell, but if it is a pick then there will already be an open spot on the roster for McCauley to fill.

The fact that O'Connell was traded shows that he was brought in to serve as trade bait.  The Lions knew multiple teams wanted him, but since they have the top waiver priority, O'Connell ended up coming to Detroit.  It should have been obvious that a trade was on the way, as the Lions really couldn't afford to carry four quarterbacks.  Detroit needs as much depth and talent as they can get at positions like defensive tackle and cornerback, just to name a couple, and having a fourth QB prevented that from happening.

UPDATE: According to Tom Kowalski, the NFL Network is reporting that the Jets sent an undisclosed draft pick to the Lions.