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Offseason Menu (Important Dates to Remember)

(Note: I will attempt to get some real content up in the coming days.  Right now I'm swamped with class-related things since the semester is still just getting started.)

Although the NFL playoffs just began, it's already the offseason for much of the league.  For us Lions fans, the offseason felt like it started months ago, as the focus went to the draft at the first sight of a rocky finish.  I personally checked out mentally when Matthew Stafford started missing games again and started to think about the NFL draft and the different scenarios out there.  I haven't gone as far as making mock drafts or anything like that yet, but I'm definitely gearing up for the offseason.  I'm sure most of you are as well, so let's take a look at some NFL-related dates worth marking down on your calendar.

January 30 - Senior Bowl (North team will be coached by Lions' staff)

February 7 - Super Bowl XLIV

February 24-March 2 - NFL Combine

March 5 - Start of free agency

March 21-24 - Annual NFL Meeting

April 22 - Round 1 of the NFL Draft

April 23 - Rounds 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft

April 24 - Final 4 rounds of the NFL Draft

May 24-26 - NFL Spring Meeting