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Monday Notes: Lions Denied Permission to Interview Redskins' Danny Smith

  • The Lions donated $10,000 to the Red Cross to go towards the rescue effort in Haiti.  The donation was made in the names of Cliff Avril, Gosder Cherilus, and Louis Delmas.
  • Cherilus has heard from some of his family, and while there was good news regarding his closest relatives in Haiti, there was bad news about some extended family members and friends.  
  • Gosder Cherilus' foundation is taking donations to help Haiti.  Also, the foundation is "preparing to travel to Haiti within the next several days with a team of physicians, surgeons, and nurses to deliver immediate care, medical supplies, and relief to an overcrowded and overwhelmed hospital near the city of Delmas, Haiti."
  • Avril's cousins in Haiti all survived the earthquake.
  • Bobby April has been hired by the Philadelphia Eagles as their special teams coordinator, meaning the Lions' search to replace Stan Kwan will continue.  Actually, the search was probably going to continue regardless of what April did, because I don't think the Lions even managed to schedule an interview with him.  It was a pipe dream for April to end up in Detroit considering how many teams were after him.
  • The Lions were hoping to interview Danny Smith, as were the Seahawks and Steelers, but the Redskins denied them permission to do that.
  • Zack Follett now has a blog.  As Terrell Owens once said, "get your popcorn ready."
  • Jim Schwartz's quarterbacks for the Senior Bowl will be Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour, Cincinnati's Tony Pike, and Oregon State's Sean Canfield.
  • Looking back on his first season as a head coach, Schwarz wants to work on keeping his temper under control.
  • Jason Hanson is not ready to retire just yet.
  • A big difference between Matt Millen and Martin Mayhew is that Mayhew makes sure the entire organization is prepared for the draft so things like this never happen again:
    Mayhew said the arguments are all made in the days leading up to the draft so when the Lions are on the clock, they know exactly who they're going to take. I've often recounted the Brian Calhoun story, about how the Lions were debating about whether to take an offensive lineman at that spot in the third round. The argument was whether the Lions would be "reaching'' for him at that spot. They went back and forth without resolution and then, as the clock was about to expire, a coach yelled "Take Brian Calhoun.'' And that's what they did.
    Wow.  Just wow.
  • The Wall Street Journal conducted a study that revealed a very interesting statistic about how much action there actually is during a football broadcast.
  • The Bears' Gaines Adams passed away yesterday morning.  My thoughts go out to Adams' family and friends and Bears fans.