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Tuesday Notes: Lions Defensive Line Coach Thinking About Retirement

  • Lions defensive line coach Bob Karmelowicz is thinking about retiring and did not make the trip to Mobile for the Senior Bowl.  That seems like a pretty big hint as to what his decision will be, although I don't think one has been made yet.  According to Nicholas Cotsonika, assistant defensive line coach Kris Kocurek is the favorite to replace Karmelowicz if he does decide to retire.
  • Wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson agreed to a new contract with the Lions.
  • John Niyo has a few posts up on the first day of Senior Bowl practice.
  • You can find a schedule of Senior Bowl practices on
  • has a ton of info on day one of Senior Bowl practice, including many interesting reports on the players.
  • The Lions' official website has a great story up about Gosder Cherilus and what he is doing to help his native country of Haiti.

    "I have a great friend of mine by the name of Pat Lynch – he’s actually from Birmingham, Michigan – we went to school together," said Cherilus. "He helped me put together a team of about 10-15 doctors and nurses and we partnered up with Haiti Outreach Mission, which is another group that’s based in Troy, Michigan.

    "They also have 15-20 doctors and nurses and everybody will be flying to Haiti this Saturday. They have a hospital waiting on them and they’ll be bringing their own antibiotics and everything else they would need to help make a difference out there."

    If you want to donate to relief efforts in Haiti, might I suggest giving to The Gosder Cherilus Foundation, which, as mentioned above, has sent people to Haiti to directly help with relief efforts.

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  • With an abundance of starter-caliber linebackers, the Lions might look into more 3-4 schemes this offseason.
  • With the draft being separated over three days this year, Martin Mayhew thinks more trades will happen because there is more downtime.
  • Mel Kiper's first mock draft has the Lions selecting Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.
  • Mike Mayock has Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy at the top of his draft board and doesn't think any of the quarterbacks even come close to them.
  • Mocking the Draft has a look at the 53 underclassmen who decided to go pro.
  • Louis Delmas and Brandon Pettigrew were named to an All-Rookie team that was voted on by the Professional Football Writers of America.
  • Carson Butler is now a member of the New York Giants.
  • Former Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen, who is infamously remembered for getting a DUI and driving through a Wendy's drive-thru naked the week before the 2006 season, interviewed with the Jaguars recently.
  • Former Lions defensive lineman Luther Elliss is bankrupt.
  • Former Lions receiver Tommie Boyd is in a lot of trouble with the law.
    Tommie Boyd, 38, is charged with two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of accosting children for immoral purpose. In a separate case, Boyd is charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.
    That makes Charles Rogers' transgressions look like nothing at all.  Yikes.
  • Stadium Journey posted its review of Ford Field.
  • The chances of Brett Favre returning next season are "highly unlikely," but let's be serious, this saga is only getting started.  All I hope is that Favre makes a decision and sticks with it for a change, because this whole saga was beyond annoying the first time around and even worse last summer.  I personally hope he decides to retire and goes away for good.  Aside from his personality, I'm sick of him playing because he owns the Lions.  I'd much rather face the Tarvaris Jackson-led Vikings than the Brett Favre-led ones.