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Wednesday Notes: Talking the Senior Bowl

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  • Scott Linehan has spent a lot of time working with Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour this week.  Based on all of the reports out there and what Linehan had to say about the former CMU quarterback, it seems like LeFevour is doing a much better job adjusting to taking snaps under center than Tim Tebow and in general is doing a better job adjusting to a pro-style offense.  Considering how similar their style of play was in college, that is definitely interesting.
  • Idaho's Mike Iupati has a fan in Scott Linehan, although part of that stems from the fact that the Lions' offensive coordinator played football and coached at Idaho.  It does sound like Linehan is a big fan of Iupati's football skills as well, saying essentially that he is very versatile.  I think if Iupati somehow dropped to the second round, the Lions would strongly consider drafting him.  Hell, if it weren't for the nature of the draft I'd be inclined to call it a lock, as on paper it seems like a no-brainer.  The problem is I would be shocked if Iupati is still around when the Lions go on the clock again.  He appears to be well on his way to being the top guard in the draft, and I just have a hard time believing that he will not be a first-round pick.
  • Mike Mayock thinks the Lions could have a solid shot at drafting Michigan's Brandon Graham in the second round.  It seems like his stock will go up a bit based on early returns from a couple Senior Bowl practices, but that would essentially push him into the bottom of the first round or top of the second.  I think if he is still on the board when the Lions go on the clock again there is a very good chance he could be the pick considering the Lions do have a need at defensive end.
  • One player who is really seeing his stock rise this week is Ole Miss' Dexter McCluster.  Even so, Tom Kowalski doesn't think he fits into the Lions' draft plans.
  • posted a couple interesting things observed about Lions coaches during practice in the last couple of days.
    My most favorite coach on the Lions staff is without a doubt is defensive line coach Kris Kocurek. He's giving a lot of good pointers technique-wise, and I love his backwards hat and fiery demeanor.
    When I first walked into Ladd, I headed to the back end zone to watch the punt returners field balls. Mardy Gilyard did a great job focusing and looking the ball in - he looked like a natural out there. "Make sure to judge the wind, Mardy," said a Lions special team coach.

    This coach also told the player to cheat a bit to the right so they could come back to the left to make the catch based on the wind direction. I love these little tidbits you get watching an NFL coaching staff.
    My reactions to those two things are: 1) Kocurek is likely going to become the Lions' new defensive line coach if Bob Karmelowicz retires, so that's good to hear; and 2) Hey, the special teams coach is actually coaching!  That's also good to hear.
  • With the Saints clinching their first trip to the Super Bowl, the Lions are now the last NFC team to have never made it to the big game.  What's more, the Lions are the only team that has been in the league for every Super Bowl yet has never been in the game.  It's gotta happen eventually, right?
  • The NFL's RedZone Channel may be headed to cell phones next season.  I think the NFL's vice president for media strategy summed it up best: "This is tailor-made to be able to watch during your kids' soccer games."  Basically, say goodbye to all signs of productivity on Sundays.