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It's Official: Lions to Pick Second in 2010 NFL Draft

The St. Louis Rams are officially the worst team in the NFL this season after losing to the 49ers 28-6 today.  The loss by the Rams means they finished the 2009 season with a 1-15 record, giving them the first overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  Since the Lions lost to the Bears today to finish with a 2-14 record, they officially have the second overall pick of the draft.  This is the third time in four years the Lions will pick in the top two of the draft.  Last year the Lions obviously had the top pick, and in 2007 the Lions picked Calvin Johnson with the second selection.

It will be interesting to see how the top of the draft plays out, because the most asked question will definitely be about whether or not the Rams will select a quarterback.  To me it seems pretty obvious that they have a definite need for a quarterback, but then again, Ndamukong Suh seems like a once in a blue moon talent at defensive tackle.  I guess what it will come down to is if St. Louis feels that Suh is simply too talented to pass up and if St. Louis feels it can pick up a QB at some other point in the draft.

For the Lions, it will be another year where the best player available is selected.  The good news is that even if Suh isn't around when the Lions go on the clock, it seems like there are quite a few other players who are top-five talents.  Considering how many needs the Lions have, whoever the pick is should be able to come in and immediately make this team better.  Personally I hope that player is Ndamukong Suh, but that is simply my opinion right now.  It's a long way until April, and as we have all learned before, a lot can change until the draft actually arrives.