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Charles Rogers Arrested Again

Word came down yesterday that Charles Rogers got arrested again, but what happened to lead to the arrest was merely a rumor. For his sake I had hoped it wasn’t true, but sadly the AP confirmed it today in what can only be described as another embarrassing and disappointing action by Rogers.

Novi Deputy Chief Tom Lindberg said Wednesday that Rogers was arrested at the suburban Detroit restaurant Tuesday afternoon on a warrant for disobeying a sobriety court order. Lindberg says Rogers was visibly intoxicated Tuesday and was taken to a hospital.

A police source said Rogers was taken into custody at about 3:15 p.m. ET after employees were unable to rouse him and feared he may have had a heart attack, the Detroit News reported.

"We were called to the restaurant on a medical run and he was taken to Providence Park Hospital for observation," Lindberg said, according to the report. He did not disclose the nature of the medical problem.

I think we have an early nominee for facepalm (see below) of the year award. I mean, who gets so wasted that they pass out in a restaurant at 3:15 in the afternoon? I personally thought the whole story on ESPN last year about him getting his life turned around seemed like a bunch of BS, and this latest screw up by Rogers seems to go well beyond confirming that. Right now Rogers simply needs to worry about staying out of jail (he got sentenced to 93 days, by the way), so unlike the hopeful tone portrayed by Rogers in the ESPN piece, the only way he will be anywhere near an NFL game is if he buys a ticket. Even then, considering he still owes the Lions millions of dollars and doesn't seem anywhere near ready to pay up, that scenario doesn't seem likely, either.