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Kevin Smith Needs Shoulder Surgery

Kevin Smith is fresh off of knee surgery, but he's about to go back under the knife for a completely different reason.

Running back Kevin Smith, who recently had surgery to repair a torn knee ligament, also will undergo left shoulder surgery. Mayhew said Smith played with two injured shoulders throughout the season but only one would require surgery.

I have no idea how severe Smith's shoulder injury is, but the fact that he played through injuries to both shoulders says quite a bit about his toughness.  For a running back, it can't be easy taking hits on nearly every play when both shoulders are injured, especially when one is injured enough to require surgery. 

Hopefully Smith can get this issue taken care of and continue to rehab his knee.  Considering he looked to be playing better as the season went on despite being injured, I look forward to seeing a healthy Kevin Smith on the football field again.  Hopefully there will be no further setbacks and that return to the field will be sometime later this year.