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We are five weeks into the 2010 season, and just as the standings are starting to take shape in the NFL, they are starting to take shape in the Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football League on Here's a quick look at the standings as we head into Week 6.

Kyle Vanden Bosch Division

t-1. GR Lion (3-2)
t-1. Hyperion Ecta (3-2)
t-3. IAmGross (2-3)
t-3. BennieBladesFan (2-3)

Jason Hanson Division

1. Latif (4-1)
2. DrewsLions (3-2)
t-3. SGDBW90 (2-3)
t-3. Nate D. (2-3)

Matthew Stafford Division

1. JCruize (4-1)
2. Sean Yuille (3-2)
3. CLF (2-3)
4. Jettero2112 (0-5)

I actually managed to start 3-0, but my team has been riding the struggle bus the last two weeks. Even during my three-game winning streak I didn't feel like my team was performing at a very high level, so I could be in for a rough season if some of my players don't start to get it together.

I will provide another update on the POD Fantasy Football League next month. Hopefully I will still be in contention for the playoffs at that point. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

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