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Zack Follett's Tests Come Back Negative; Tweet: 'I'm Okay'

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Seeing Zack Follett be carted off the field on a stretcher was not easy to watch, especially considering it came a day after a Rutgers player became paralyzed from the neck down on a similar play on a kickoff at the same stadium. Needless to say, it was tough not to fear the worst.

Thankfully, right now it appears that Follett escaped the nasty collision without anything too serious. It may still be a bit too early to tell for sure, but this statement from the Lions sounds very promising:

"Both the MRI and CT tests performed on Zack this evening at the Hackensack Medical Center were NEGATIVE. Zack is resting comfortably and has feeling and movement in all of his extremities. He will continue to be monitored throughout the evening. We expect no further updates until Monday."

Follett made a tweet on Sunday night, and it was also very encouraging.

Heaven was bombarded with prayer request and they were heard! Thank you and much love to all you showing your support. I'm ok. Thank God

Thank God he is doing okay indeed. Hopefully he will be out of the hospital soon and able to rejoin the Lions after the bye week.